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  • Place an order for €50.96 + Buy COMPASS LONG RANGE 44 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
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The molecules are the smallest particles that can exist in open space.

We develop an electric system that can measure these molecule frequencies.

There is a frequency that exist and you can detect gold, silver, as well as other metals.

Compass 44 has a digital display.It has options for frequency which you can choose among

for different metals.

You have access to the settings of the locator.When you press “menu” once, there will

appear the frequency you work at the moment. You can change it.

It is of great importance to use Alcaline batteries.

Below is an example for the frequencies:

Metal                                                                                              Frequency

Gold                                                                                                       5,00

Gold                                                                                                       5,05

Gold                                                                                                       5,10

Gold                                                                                                       5,15

Gold                                                                                                       5,20

Gold                                                                                                      5,25

Gold                                                                                                       5,30

Gold                                                                                                       5,35

Gold                                                                                                       5,40

Gold                                                                                                       5,45

Gold                                                                                                       5,50

Silver                                                                                                     8,70

Silver                                                                                                     9,00

Silver                                                                                                     9,20

Water                                                                                                   10,15

Copper                                                                                                11,70

Brass                                                                                                   11,70

Diamonds                                                                                           12,60

Iron                                                                                                    17,00

Lead                                                                                                    4,50

Mercury                                                                                              2,00

Pearls                                                                                                   0,40

Aluminium                                                                                          7,00



The power module

This electric device is a perfect addition to the whole system.With it you can find an object

from distance and to define its exact position.

The module will receive the sygnal from the generator and will send impulses to the object.

The module raises the range between the generator and the object.

The transmiter

This is the most unique part of the whole tool.It is precisely designed

for molecule frequency tools.

It has also two specific
properties which allow to discriminate objects.

The small objects will disappear by the change of the commuter, the tiny minerals also,

until it will not appear a bigger object.


The commuter has two sides – ON  and OFF  

The coil is a filter which filtrates the sygnal made by the transmitter under the ground.

The coil has power when it is connected to the generator.



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