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The Compass Long Rang is one of the best and easy to use dowsing equipment  for gold.

The Compass Long Rang comes with two “L” rods, a handy power module that clips on the user's belt, which is powered by a 9 volt battery and two silicon  cables of high quality.

The power module connects to the dowsing rods with the cables.


The rods  are extremely sensitive and friction free. Each rod has a balance weight on it's tip, for stable operation.

The new model has signal generator of 5.4 kHz which produces signal that is special for searching gold.

Receiving Antenna Rods – The Dowsing Rods are powered by the Power Module, they are 39 (+) cm long .The purpose of the Rods is to indicate to the operator that he or she has faced the energy line between the user and the target. The dowsing antennas are normally held steady and balanced at waist level, and slightly in front of the operator.

Power Module -- This unit's purpose is to power the Antenna Rods. The dimensions of the power module are  11 cm X 6,5 cm X 3cm

The unit contains a 9V battery for a power supply.


The maximum depth is 6 meters and the maximum range is up to 600 meters, depending of the size of the target and the ability of the operator


by Mandy, 27 Jan 2017



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